Laser facial hair removal and factors affecting it

Are you tired of all the painful threading and shaving to keep your face looking perfect? Frustrated about having to do it over and over again, however uncomfortable it is? Well there is now an alternative to all those.

Laser facial hair removal is now the easiest and most effective way to get rid of unsightly and unnecessary hair. As the name suggests, laser facial hair removal involves the use of a laser to permanently remove hair painlessly without leaving extensive scarring like some of the other methods.

Laser hair removal is based on the emission of intense light on a target area to effectively stop the growth of unwanted hair. The process of laser hair removal is based on melanin. Melanin is a pigment that is present in hair and skin, giving them their color.

The color arises due to melanin’s ability to absorb light and different types of melanin absorb varying amounts of light, thereby producing different hair and skin colors. In laser facial hair removal therapy, the laser is directed to a target area, where the hair is required to be removed. The melanin in these areas, get damaged when they absorb the intense light from the laser.

So the aim of laser facial hair removal is to damage the melanin and kill the follicles in the target area so that the growth of the unwanted hair is permanently halted. However, there are certain requirements when it comes to the use of the treatment. The hair should be darker than the surrounding skin.

This is because the darker complexion arises from a higher concentration of melanin. So if the skin was darker, that means it would have more melanin than the hair, hence it would absorb the light from the laser. For this reason, laser facial hair removal is not recommended for people with tanned skin and light colored hair.

Laser facial hair removal sessions vary depending on the skin color, coarseness of the hair, sex and the size of the area needed to be treated. But usually, it takes between 5-7 sessions for the treatment to be completed successfully. Although in some cases, it can take as many as 12 sessions.

There is usually a gap between sessions, this gap can range from 3-7 or even go up to 12 weeks sometimes. Common side effects of laser hair removal are redness, itching, swelling, darkening, lightening and blemishing of treated areas.

But there is no extensive damage and any side effects disappear within a few days. So if it’s fast, effective, permanent and comfortable solution you are looking for to get rid of unsightly hair, the answer is laser facial hair removal.

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